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November, 2003


New Wave, Bass and Mac spells out Ramil Aznar. He is one of the original people who formed the longest running filipino new wave band halflifehalfdeath or hlhd. This band took all the wavers to fun-filled parties from the first break of the new wave spirit in the 80's up until it's revitalizing in the 90's and beyond. Having been formed way before the dawn, alamid, and eraserheads (!) these pioneers of Pinoy new wave remained faithful to their music, and developed their skills with a character distinct of their own. Check out their album released in 1995 called Prymth Phrain released under Neo/Viva Records and compilations under Vicor Records.

The bass plays a big role with hlhd. Aside from being the backbone of rhythm, you'd often see ramil strumming, tapping on his bass in a manner of creating sounds that would surpass the area for the bass. It was probably ramil's passion for music which helped him pursue and develop his own style, though he admits looking up to such bands as Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, the Cure, Lotus Eaters, Depeche Mode, Cardigans, Popsicle, Radiohead, Oasis, Foo Fighters, Weezer & Jamiroquai as what he considers his musical icons. He took up some yamaha music courses when he was in high school but failed to continue it. Instead, ramil was tutored by most of his bandmates especially jojo and rain.

For a guy who loves loves meatballs, chopseuy #3 (Quick Stomach) and japanese food, Ramil has been around playing on different bands as early as 1988. Among which include Dead Damn Days (1988), bass; This Band Dead (1988-89), bass; Shrieks of the Dark (1989-90), bass; Haywire (1992), bass; Kimberly Moans (1993), bass; Delicious (1996), vocals, guitars; Wysiwyg (1996), drums; Stereo 66 (1997) Keyboards; Synactix (1996-current), guitars. Ramil is currently with the now-generation hlhd, aptly named Superkat & the Pussyboys.

Ramil doesn't only bank his expertise on bass. He is also a computer buff, working as a freelance web designer and a Mac expert. Ramil plays on a Fender Squire MB5 black 5 strings - a modern bass with "old-school" passive pick-ups and sleek form factor. He also had a 4-string Takamine acoustic bass which he sold to e-heads low-ender buddy. He also uses a korg AX30-B for effects - in a new wave band , you'd definitely need one of these. His first bass was a copy of a Fender Jazz Bass which he bought in 1988. He installed a d'marzio pickups in this bass in 1990.

TRIVIA: "Alam mo ba na bumili ako ng bass noon na hindi pa ako marunong? Kasi gusto ko sumali sa banda ng mga classmates ko, eh bass na lang daw ang kulang, kaya napabili ako. hehehe. Tapos yung friend ko na guitarist ang nagturo sakin. binigyan nya ako ng chord chart para sa bass. Madali naman ako natuto kasi gusto ko nga mapabilang sa banda." - ramil

TRIVIA 2: "3 first song na natutunan ko (1) batman (2) motion of love (3) should I stay, should i go." - ramil

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