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Listing of Filipino Bassists

Note: This listing is limitted to the information gathered by the whitewings web design team as of this time. More information will be added next month. If you have any information to add, please feel free to submit the form below. Thanks


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We are still gathering information on all the Filipino bassists all over the world. If you want to be included in our direstory please fill up this form. You can also email us a lengthier version of your profile and email us your picture. This form is intended to the bassists who doesn't have an email and is using public cybercafe's only. Soon we will be giving away web based email for all bassists. Thank you for your help.
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If you have an exisiting email, it would be best if you email us at That way you are not limitted to the length of text you can send. You can even tell us a whole nobela of your self. :) Thank you very much.